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A really funny song created for Purim by boys from Lev Aryeh. It got over 50,000 views within a week, and over 100,000 in about a month. People who don't like The Aveirah Song have no sense of humor, and should be shot with a gun.
Whoever put out The Aveirah Song is really awesome and talented, and I hope they put out another song soon. They're like a Jewish Lonely Island, only they're actually funny.
Example #1:

Guy 1: Have you seen The Aveirah Song?
Guy 2: Obviously. Everyone has.
Guy 1: I know, I just wanted to see if you were paying attention.
Guy 2: I can't wait for their next song to be released!

Example #2:
Guy: You should totally watch The Aveirah Song.
Girl: I watched it already, and I didn't think it was so funny. I actually got very insulted.
Guy: We're breaking up.
by jewishfanboy June 17, 2013
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