Avalon's are possibly the cutest girls out there, if you meet one don't let her leave you. They're so happy and fun loving, yet quiet around people they don't know. Most Avalon's will come up with a million inside jokes with you, and commitments, once they're close to you they'll never want to leave you. Almost each Avalon is secretly depressed so please do not hurt them as they are fragile. Never let them go, you'll regret it...
Person 1: man, I regret calling Avalon all those rude things... She was the best person I knew.
Person 2: too bad, you'll never find another girl like her...
by ConfusedLittleGirl March 26, 2015
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what a hoe. Think of the two whitest girls you know shoved into the body of ms motherfucking piggy. This is that la bitch that says "whats the tea shistars sksksksksksksksks periodT!" can't go one fucking day without her starbucks and fit tea and pretends she has huge boobs when shes just motherfucking ugly. What an attention whore. Her voice fuckinh fluctuates too
Avalon keeps telling me that she wants a boob reduction at 15 even though you know she wears no bra to show off her tits.
by AHAHBRO June 29, 2019
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“did you know that avalon girl”
yah whatta dumbass”
by litlitlitgirl November 02, 2019
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A sweet girl who is kind in heart and super cute. She always brings out the best in people and is very supporting to the people she loves
Joe: Hey whats your girl type?
Carl: Probably an Avalon, Kind and cute
by ElizabethFJane June 05, 2016
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Derived from the welsh name "afal"; often associated with the island that King Arther's sword Caliburn was forged. The island of Avalon is also often associated with an island that yields beautiful apples.

The name "Avalon" as used in the context of a feminine name, describes one who possesses beauty unrivaled by any other. In the modern context, those who possess the name Avalon are seen as 'One who is as rare as the legendary sword forged for a king Arther', thus, "Avalon" is one of a kind- a woman of such magnitude that all others have no choice but to bow down and submit themselves as none other than a subordinate. This is especially true in the context of intellectual superiority and unrivaled inner spirit.

The name also carries ties to the native American legend of a small coyote that possessed such love and purity that a massive heard of rampaging Buffalo's stoped mid-stampede and bowed down to the Coyot Avalon as it lay defensively in the brush.
"Even today King Arthur's legend lives on in Isle of Avalon"
by THEwelshWolf February 04, 2010
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The prettiest, sweetest, coolest, funniest, most athletic person you will ever meet.
"dude did you just see that Avalon? shes so hot"

"yes I know, shes so sweet aswell"
by zxlfie May 26, 2015
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Avalon group, also known as “The kids that move the world” is a Mexican group of rich kids famous for posting their daily life on social media and showing off their lavish lifestyle. They are know for their popular hand gesture that they pose in pictures with to represent their group, which is them raising their hand with part between middle and ring fingers which is also known as the “Vulcan salute”.
Look at those kids ordering Dom Perignon’s at their table, they might be part of Avalon.
by UrbanDictionary.official December 28, 2020
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