A vehicle from Chevrolet with a majority of features resembling that of a traditional truck.
I want a new 4X4 Avalanche.
by UrbanFoxKnight October 22, 2009
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When a large man lifts up his stomach in order to receive a blow job and when he's about to cum he drops it on the girl so that she has no choice but to swallow.
Just as the fat man was about to cum he dropped his stomach on his unsuspecting victim and yelled avalanche.
by Anthony Joseph October 12, 2006
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Similar to the snowball, an avalanche is a sex act in which multiple men ejaculate into a person's mouth and that person then kisses another, forcing all of the semen into the receiving person's mouth.
That bukkake party was going great last night, until Rachel got up and avalanched Dave. Dave will never be the same again.
by Son of Stone November 02, 2013
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when you ejaculate on someones upper forehead and it rolls down their face like snow down a mountain
My Avalanche rolled down her face right into her mouth.
by Jason Brivens September 27, 2005
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Refers to the act of bic'ing the head of a sexual partner (if not bald already), busting on the top of her head and watching the ejaculate flow down her scalp and face. Bonus points added for placing a log cabin on her head first.
I totally avalanched that chick in the cancer ward last night.
by African Kong Dong September 26, 2007
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When a large amount of jizz oozes out of a woman's vagina or ass.
There was so much coming out of there, it probably qualified as an Avalanche.
by Cambam726 August 04, 2013
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