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Ava Louie is a bad bitch that deserves so much better because she's such sweet girl who is kind to everyone. She is one of the best friends you'll ever meet.Ava is the kind of girl everyone should have the chance of knowing because she'll make your life 100x better. She's so easy to talk to and comforting, time passes by so fast when talking to her. She's one of a kind. She's the type of person that even if you make her upset with you, she'll still be understanding and willing to talk to you. If you ever need a shoulder to cry on or someone to relieve your stress or make your day, talk to Ava because she never ceases to be there for me. All Ava spreads is love, she will never be out of love to give. Although she's a petty hoe sometimes, she's still a fun lovable female. We love Ava Louie.
Hiba: That girl Ava Louie, yeah, she's my best friend. I love that jawn.

Some Random Person: Must be nice to have a friend that great.
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