An Empire that existed over a hundred years ago. It formed in 1867 at the collapse of the Austrian Empire and collapsed due to ethnic tensions in World War I in 1918. In consisted of the Austrian half of the empire, which was mostly German speaking, and the predominately Hungarian speaking half of the empire. It is often called "The Dual Monarchy" because of it's Austrian royals and Hungarian royals. It was a European powerhouse which was a key player in European politics in the late 19th century. In the early 1900's, the empire annexed Bosnia which had a high population of ethnic Serbs. This led to tensions with Serbia, which led to World War I, during which the empire collapsed due to internal revolutions by the empire's ethnic minorities. Czechoslovakia, Austria, and Hungary were created from the empire's territories, while Poland, Romania, Italy, and Yugoslavia gained lands from the collapse of the empire. The empire was doomed to failure from the moment it was created because of the many ethnic groups in constant struggle for representation. The empire's collapse is often incorrectly attributed to World War I, but it really collapsed due to internal revolts which the empire, already weak from war, could not defeat. The war, if anything, accelerated the demise of the empire, it didn't cause it.
Austria Hungary was a European powerhouse, but due to its ethnically diverse nature, it was doomed from the moment it was born
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The Austrian-Hungarian Empire was an multi-ethnic constitutional monarchy in Central Europe. It lasted through 1867 to 1918. It is one of the only countries to ever had 2 capitals at once, Vienna and Budapest. It had an alliance with the German Empire and was a major power in the early 20th century. It was also part of the Central Powers in World War 1.
Elementary School Teacher: “Austria-Hungary was a major power in World War 1.”
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An empire which existed from 1867 to 1918. It was created in 1867 after the Austrian Empire collapsed due to a Hungarian revolt and a compromise was reached to give the Hungarians equal power in the empire. The empire was made up of two roughly equal halves, the Austrian, mostly German speaking half, and the Hungarian, mostly Hungarian speaking half. The empire was plagued by tensions throughout its entire existence. It had a longstanding rivalry with the Russian Empire and the two often engaged in proxy wars in the Balkans. When the Ottoman Empire lost the Balkan war and its control over the Balkans, Austria-Hungary seized the opportunity and occupied Bosnia, which upset the Russians even more. In 1910, the empire annexed Bosnia, which upset Russia and Serbia, because Bosnia had many ethnic Serbs in it. Ethnic tensions soon began erupting in the empire, and it was on the verge of total collapse. Serbia hoped to destabilized the empire and acquire its Balkan lands, so it organized an assassination of the heir to the Austrian throne, Franz Ferdinand. Austria-Hungary then declared war on Serbia, Germany joined the war on Austria's side, but Russia and France joined the war on Serbia's side. Long story short, the war was a total disaster for the empire, and on top of that, the empire's ethnic minorities began revolting.
The empire basically came to a crashing and chaotic end in 1918 after its ethnic minorities took control of the most of the empire. The empire was then forced to pull out of World War I. In the subsequent peace treaties a year later, it was dismantled, but it had in reality already collapsed.

Often, the demise of Austria-Hungary is incorrectly attributed to World War I. The war itself, nor the peace treaties really dismantled the empire. The empire was already on the verge of collapse even before the war. The Empire started the war because they knew winning it was their only shot at being strong enough to hold their empire together. The Empire's demise was really because it was ethnically diverse and nationalism grew in those ethnic minorities, who were upset at the Germans and Hungarians dominating the empire.
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