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Far more extensive than a basic bikini wax, an Australian Wax comprises total pubic epilation, removing ALL genital hair completely, from both the front and back of the pelvic region. It is usually performed with heated wax applied to the skin. Strips of cloth are then smoothed firmly over the wax. Once the wax has hardened sufficiently, the strip is very quickly peeled off the skin, taking the unwanted body-hair with it.
She plans to wear a g-string bikini on her vacation, so she's scheduled an appointment for an Australian Wax the week before she leaves. She doesn't want ANY hair 'down under' to show when she's lounging on the beach!
by MonaLisa65 February 17, 2011
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A hair removale style in which you wax nothing but the hair right around the asshole.
Ace: “I picked me up n' Australian waxin'

Daud: “Bloody ripper, mate.”
by LordMaster May 22, 2008
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