Variant spelling for 'fly-ridden, hot shithole'
Oh hell, this is just like Australia!
Tourism in Australia is going from nowhere to nowhere with fuck all in between.
by shonny March 03, 2007
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great place but has shit arse weather
tred- fuk im gonna have 2 sell more stok bloody australian weather
dod- yer its either drought, windy, freezing or boilin hot
by taetard March 09, 2007
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The ULTIMATE place to live, no arrogant wanks who walk around with so much bling bling they fuking break their neck. We are the best at cricket, tennis and rugby and america sucks ass compared to us.We don't have stupid sports like grid-iron full of pussies with a ridiculous amount of protection. We dont have incredibley rich and a huge amount of homeless in the same vicinity eg. New York... and we don't have friggin guns poking out of our pants. Australia is best...
Australia is best
we dont have a population full of dooschbags who would elect george bush as president and arnie for governor (ie America)
(except matt stone and trey parker who are gods)
by P.Goldie June 02, 2005
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A country/island that wishes Hummers were sold here. They would have a good use over here, we have the terrain that they could drive on, unlike the US, they use it for city driving, but in a way thats fun because if you have roadrage, its good to be in such a tough vehicle.
by Capagotks April 17, 2006
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A large, diverse country that culturally is like the UK & America in the 1950's.
A mostly anti intellectual, lazy, vacuous, boozy white population & overly sport obsessed. Sore losers, which is odd because most of its heroes are losers - The ANZACS at Gallipoli, Ned Kelly, Shane Warne.

A high standard of living due mostly to mining - selling iron ore to China which we buy back as cheap junk, thereby burying our own industry.

It has conveniently forgotten most of its ugly history, its Treatment of Aborigines Convicts White Australia Policy.
Australia has an entrenched inferiority complex means it has kowtowed to the UK & now America to defend it & do its thinking for it.
Not a very friendly place as some say, unless you like beer, tits, sport, can't spell & practice self abasement. Suspicious of people with big ideas.
Will turn into more of a gulag as political correctness competes with its racism. A sad place when you get thinking about it.
by Nazarine 59 April 22, 2011
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The best goddam country in the world.

Beaches, outback, snow, beer, beaches, beer, outback, cities, beer, beaches....
Cool people.

Cool accents.

Cool kangaroos.
Cool beer.

Very, very cool beer.

Miranda Kerr.... ;)
Drop bears.
Dreamtime serpents.....
It's pretty hot here. 55C max.

And the beaches are kickass.

And (this is for the Poms) even though we ARE convicts, we still ended up a better country than you, so stick that one up your arse. :)
We also have great beer. Carlton Dry.

All the way.
There are also hot people over here. Like me. And Hugh Jackman. He's pretty hot. Also Miranda Kerr. And Nicole Kidman. And Keith Urban.

So if you think you're insulting us when you post all that nasty shit about us, we're just sitting here happy that we're in the best country in the world. So yeah. :)
And if people 'hate' Australia so much, why are so many bloody boats comin over? Hmm?
Aussie: Why am I so bloody hot?

Other random person: *admiringly* because you're Australian.
by Proud_Aussie December 06, 2012
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