1) A country/continent I want to live in.

2) A really crappy movie
1) I want to live in Australia because it's so laid back over there.

2) Hugh Jackman was in the movie Australia, and it bombed at the box office.
by Liberal Girl May 06, 2009
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australia is a country that is too far away from everywhere else. good thing too, cause everywhere else is freakin' scary. we don't have those stupid lariegan accents made popular by steve irwin and crocodile dundee. alot like the usa but isolated, varied, friendly, fun loving and not as hated. we do have a crap assed prime minister that looks like a kiddie fiddler but then which country doesn't? we don't live in the country where kangaroos hop pass. so don't you yanks assume that cause we don't say you guys are redneck bible toting screamers, huh? but australia is the lesser of evils.
australia is a country, island and/ or continent.
by griffin2306 September 22, 2006
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One of, if not the greatest country on earth even though a shit load of it is desert. any way great people, nice views and hot women..... Jenifer Hawkins FTW

Anyway i don't care who you are its pretty much impossible not to say Australia is the most awesome country in the world (Yes that is a bold claim)
"Hey have you seen them guys from Australia"

"Yeah they apparantly just kill stuff over there"
by HIV Positive December 23, 2009
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Sorry aussie folks, but australia was formed when a bunch of British convicts were shipped there and started to populate. So in reality, your all descendants of criminals. :D
Unsuspecting tourist: Here, can you hold my camera please?

Australian Criminal: Sure thing! (Runs for the hills)

by Bubs_13 October 23, 2007
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Indigenous home of many unique and assorted animals such as the common bogan, stockman, kangaroo, emu, platypus, echidna, dingo, tasmanian devil drop bear, several poisonous snakes and spiders. Living in Australia can be hazardous to ones health but if strict regimes of "Have a cuppa cement and harden the f*ck up" are followed individuals grow greatly attached to Australia.
I'm from Australia mate.
by ILoveRice January 20, 2013
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Best fucking country in the world.. all you other fuckers better not diss it, and as for the ones that live in this country (immigrants etc), if you like to tease aussies and diss the country you live in (Oz), well how about you fags FUCK OFF AND GO BACK TO YOUR OWN SHITTY RUN DOWN POOR COUNTRY.
Leb: Fucking Aussie cunt
Aussie: fuck you, you greasy bastard
Leb: I'll call my cousins
Aussie: Go back to the fucking hole you crawled out of (Lebannon)
*** Ozzie smashes the shit out of the leb and the leb cries***
Aussie: Australia, the only bad thing is grease.
by woohadwvfwevfke November 14, 2005
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