The armpit of Texas.
Also known for being a hippie hangout, and a place to go for good BBQ.

Longhorns are frequently seen there, drunk and fighting.
Boss: You are being re-assigned to Austin, TX.

Employee: Hell no! Any place but Austin! I quit!
by Z March 12, 2004
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The ATX, Hip-Hop capital of the world. Nigga
Im gonna hit up the ATX and bounce with my niggas
by Onetime fool March 07, 2004
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music capital of the universe
-a thousand bands a night
-a million drunks a night
we saw a thousand bands and a million drunk people while we were in austin, tx
by steve-o garrett May 06, 2007
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Best New Brewery in Austin, TX. Can be found at local bars in Austin, Houston and Dallas.
"Dude! Is that a Circle brew?"
"Yea Bro, I'm all about the Blur"
"Dude, I'm all about the Envy"

Additional examples can be found at Circle Brewing Company, Austin, TX
by 2hot2handle2cold2hold September 28, 2011
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