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A very sweet, handsome young man. Usually a warm and caring guy, but at times he can be tough and will always stand up for himself. He has a spot in a girls heart whether he knows it or not.
Person 1: Aurelio is a great guy
Person 2: You love him donโ€™t you?
Person 1: Heโ€™ll always have a spot in my heart.
by Just some girl who wants. September 27, 2011
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Literally the best person to ever set foot on the earth. Usually extremely amazing at all sports and very smart when it comes to academics. If you ever need someone to talk to, an Aurelio is the person to go to.
Girl: *Crying*

Aurelio: Are you alright? Do you want to talk it out?
by AJosephBB18 February 26, 2015
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A really nerdy geeky guy who is not tough at all. But has a big heart. and commonly not to smart but very imaginitive and funny
Wow, that kid is such a dick
Wow, he should get xbox live
He is very nice and creative

Aurelio is actually kinda cool
by Sanjay josh boby lee August 18, 2011
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A really nice guy with a really cool friend bryan. But aurelio has a small penis and masturbates to his family. But other than that he is really cool, funny, and nice guy. And finally he is really white.
He is such a aurelio.
by the_asian November 25, 2013
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Aurelio is a cocky mudafucker. He has a gay friend named Bryan which he maturbates with. He also maturbates with his family. He has a relatively small penis and can't drive.
Aurelio is a annoying cunt.
by Malcolm McCormick October 06, 2016
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