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The female rendition of Chuck Norris. She can make flag necklaces from Oshkosh, Wisconsin, with her feet, while making quesadillas and instructing others how to make the flags. In short, she is a walking, talking legend. A prodigy, a master of the arts, and an auntie.
Bill: Holy $*&@*(&*% did you see that?

Bob: Did I see what?

Bill: Look! A living, breathing legend!

Bob: Don't you mean an Auntie Helen?

ex 2.

Only Auntie Helen can be in two places at once, Glance at the name of a sonata and play it, and cook friggin awesome quesadillas, and teach a choir all at once. She poops gold, and turns dirt into gold. She doesn't clean dirt, the dirt turns clean for her. Her insult is a compliment, and every word she speaks are proverbs, and they all rhyme.

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by Nayr Fagueras November 29, 2010
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