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A turn-of-the-century mixed drink recently repopularized by John Gruber, host of the podcast The Talk Show and creator of the website Daring Fireball. The drink contains Makers Mark, ginger ale, and a shitload of cherries. Traditionally, the drink is then garnished with a chicken wing (with or without dressing) and a cocktail sword full of Mentos (or another soft candy, such as Starburst).
After a long day at the office, I needed to relax with a big Aunt Nancy.
by ogsrotag February 13, 2018
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before his election, president james buchanan and senator william rufus king
lived together as intimate friends for fifteen years in washington, d.c.. buchanan's and king's close relationship prompted many, including andrew jackson, to call buchanan & king "a couple of aunt nancys.., while aaron v. brown spoke of the two as "buchanan and his wife."
by boyinthepenaltybox March 31, 2011
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