The time of the month when a woman's period occurs.
I was hoping to wear that tight white dress until Aunt Margaret came to visit.
by JYoPDiddy February 12, 2010
anyone who walk's into an empty bathroom stall takes a piss and leaves nothing but bloody piss in the toilet and the stail stink of rotten fish in the air and it makes you throw up and pissed just like your aunt margaret
someone pulled an aunt margaret in the women's room.
by agueybana 3rd July 25, 2017
She's rich and very concerned with proving to others she is.
Even though she earned that status without working a single day because the government granted her a fantastic Alimony after her controversial divorce with Uncle Sean.
Controversial because she only divorced Uncle Sean because she's not into men actually.
His behavior was never a problem to Aunt Margaret since she is also very fond of faking her affection for her children by giving them bizarre amounts of allowance and also giving her children non existent talents (and bragging to the whole world that such talents are genuine).

She loves poor people and minorities. In fact! She usually goes to the poorest neighborhoods like you would go with your family to the zoo.

She's very concerned with proving she's an independent strong woman and covering up her alcohol and cigarettes addiction by making thousands of reunions in the golf club or in the tennis club with people she consider to be on her level of cognition and status.

She likes to blame her terrifying mood swings on her divorce, the weather and immigrants.
Never her children because they are too much like her.

Fun fact: She's also Karen's favorite cousin.
Person 1: Aunt Margaret fired another babysitter

Person 2: Again? But why?

Person 1: Her accent and looks made Aunt Margaret hysterical.
by P.O.D.E.R.L.A.T.I.N.O July 3, 2022