A very unfortunate looking women who lives in the same neighborhood (Watts in South L.A.) as Fred G. Sanford. She's a bible preacher that thinks Fred is the devil because all Fred and his friends do is make fun of Esther.
"Everyone's having a good time. Even Esther. She's smiling. You just can't tell because her face is in the way." - Fred Sanford

"Oh no! You can't come in here, Esther! I haven't covered up all my mirrors yet!" - Fred Sanford

"I can put Aunt Esthers face into some dough and make gorilla cookies." - Fred Sanford

Lamont - "She's in this beauty pagent competing against her peers."
Fred - "Her peers?"
Lamont - "Yeah"
Fred - "You mean Godzillas in this too?"

"I can put tracing paper over your face and trace me a moose!" - Fred Sanford
by Joe Doc March 29, 2005
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