A friend of mine is Audrey she cares about other people. Audrey is someone who likes to play game’s or other things she is caring loving and kind
by His friend TJ February 25, 2021
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If your name is Audrey you are an amazing person. You are always there for others and have a great personality. Audrey's are funny, kind, energetic, and very beautiful. They will always stand up for others and themselves. Always hold on to an Audrey or you will be missing out on a great friend or lover.
PERSON 1. AUDREY is so great.

Person 2. I know right
by Sammay December 20, 2020
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Audrey is most likely either very nice or very mean no in between around 80%, they're actually very nice and very loyal. they love to do art and stuff to keep them busy. They're very optimistic and even if you do just the slightest bit for them they'll find some way to make sure that you know that they appreciate it. Audrey's aren't very full of themselves and are really loving, they often tend to make everyone around them happy and they're generally just nice to be with. Although when you get on audreys bad side you better watch out
Audrey's such a nice and kind person!

Audrey cheered me up today.
by Okay_im_a_sinp November 29, 2020
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Audrey is a lowkey BADDIE with a good vibe. Yeah,she might have done that tiktok trend that makes you spell your name backwards,but that doesn’t make her that basic. She always has THE HOTTEST TEA and isn’t afraid to stand up for someone. (also audrey if your reading thid,hey bestie 😏)
Audrey: Girl,I swear they ratchet for real.
Audrey: Wanna go to the mall or sumn with us? :
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by Alyssa :’) June 02, 2021
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