auds is one of the best people you’ll ever meet. she’s a beautiful person with a beautiful heart. nobody can compare to auds, shes one of a kind and you better never let her go cos you’ll never find anyone like her
auds is my wife and i’m so lucky to have her
by iamlftv September 6, 2021
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Short for Auditory, but means affirmative.

When saying Aud, you're saying "Got it", meaning you heard and understood what was said to you.

Similar to slang terms bet, word, and copy
Yo there's a party tonight at my house if you wanna come

aud bro ill definitely be there
by dynamoski December 21, 2018
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A liar, poser, wannabe, bitch
You are an auds. What an auds thing to do. Quit acting like and auds
by The Z-UNIT November 12, 2006
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Latin for "dare to know"; is used commonly as a motto for various institutions.
Dimidium facti qui coepit habet: sapere aude!
by Ray Hicks October 21, 2006
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"Alcoholic" is not an official medical term. The proper term is AUD (Alcohol Use Disorder).
by Adeptus58 June 23, 2021
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A Contributor in the ABW:R Discord who is now currently Head of Staff, This person loves playing Yakuza and also loves Jesus Christ, also hates Trans people.
Man: Dude have you seen Aud he's like the coolest guy in this Discord Server.
Man2: Yeah bro!, Man I really wish I was like Aud one day.
by Cyrokinesis August 3, 2021
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