a really hott brunette girl! she always dates tall guys
wow did you see that girl aubrey?
yeah,damn shes hot!
too bad shes going out with that tall kid.
by brandon kanekande August 26, 2008
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A amazing, beautiful, loving, wonderful, caring, talented, and smart girl. She dates tall Hispanic guys with Brown hair and Blue eyes. She absolutely loves her boyfriend Jus like he loves her. She loves Gummy Worms too! ^.^ She is a beautiful girl and has to be loved by everyone. She means the world to her boyfriend and he wants her to know He LOVES her. She has a lot of friends she jus don't know it. She has haters but hell who doesn't? She's also a amazing kisser! She's got a great taste in music and is legit! ^.^
Boyfriend: Marry me!? ^.^

Aubrey: Yes!!! ^.^
by MexiBoy March 23, 2013
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sassy, unique, artistic, a bit to sexy, sense of humor, mischievous, nerdy, and will always push your buttons.

Aubrey will move to fast in relationships. Very athletic. Loves to push your buttons and intimidate. Socially awkward but once you get to know her she's really outgoing.Is eating food every minute. Loves animals.
"Wanna go out sometime?" asked Hannah. "You're being such an Aubrey"
by chesire cat April 10, 2015
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A super hot,funny,and all around amazing girl. She never meets a person who doesn't instantly love her awkwardness! She has tons of friends and all of them love her :) A lot of her friends are guys tho, she likes guys more since they're so drama-free. She also has such and amazing body.
-big butt(hugeee)
- thick thighs
-big boobs
-small waist
-super skinny
-and cute ahh face
Most every guy wants her but she has her eyes set on one guy and one guy only. She mostly like tall guys who are athletic,muscular,nice,and have good smiles.So if you ever find an Aubrey,keep her safe because once you lose her it's gonna take a lot to get her back.
Aubrey is such an amazing person
All I want for Aubrey is for her to be happy
She's just so perfect, why can't I be her
Aubrey is hella fine,and dat ass mannnn!
by Aubblez79 July 06, 2018
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It is a unique name. Aubrey is a beautiful girl. She is smart and active. An Aubrey likes to laugh and have fun. Aubrey has a crazy personality but in a good way. Any person would be very lucky to have an Aubrey.
"Who is that?"
"Oh, that's Aubrey."
"Wow she's beautiful "
by victoria.33 December 23, 2016
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sexy.tall.beautiful. shes the popular girl that everyone eaither knows and loves or wants 2. ushally dates boys with brown hair and blue eyes. tends to have alot of friends and besties. the girl that everyguy wants but cant have. blonde aubreys are ushally very skinny and tend to be anorexic. if aubrey is brunete, she tends to be balimic. blonde aubreys go after guys named tanner and brunete ones like boys named david. aubrey is a natural beauty and gets any boy she wants. aubrey is very outgoing and enegetic/spirted. she knows what she wants and she gets it. aubrey's tend to do alot of sports expically cheerleading.
girl: wow that new girl is so pretty and perfect she must be an aubrey
boy:look at her ass it is hott!
other boy: too bad she's dating tanner
girl:i wish i looked like her
by sheluvsya June 02, 2010
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