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Contrary to what most people think they are, attention craving whores/bastards can be male OR female. A common noticeable trait is a general lack of interest by their own parents. Thanks to mom and and dad not giving a shit, ordinary people have to deal with them IRL or on teh internet. Guilty of spending too much time copying what "works" instead of developing their own personal qualities.
Noticeable symptoms BE noticeable : no personality, no imagination, despicable sense of humor, generally boring, spend waaaaayy to much time figuring what is LULZ enducing when they don't even know WTF LULZ even means. Driven by the motivation of copying everything that gets thumbs up on teh internet, even to the point point of impersonating people they can't even figure out. The worst kinds even post their own botched up photos because they are sincerely convinced someone will give a shit, even though mom and dad stopped caring 20 years ago when they bought the new Mac ripoff. Generally think they are "special", even though lacking the meaning of imagination. Most often then not put their hands on automated software like Photoshop or Reason and post the awful results shamelessly on social networks, thinking they are "artists" while their hollow shells mass up to buy more bigmacs. And still fucking complain. To sum it up, sad empty people you have to help/avoid, but life is hard as it is and not everyone is mother Theresa.
Attention craving whores still think marketing driven "music" and "movies" are actually good.
by Spyan May 23, 2012
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