Atheist studies is a term, usually pejorative, to refer to scientific studies and academic studies, mainly psychological, psychiatric and social studies, that have the goal to promote atheism, usually new atheism and atheist fanaticism, using of science and scientism for do it. Atheist studies are characterized by being majoritarian or completely made by atheist researchers, always focusing on the defense of atheism itself, and always trying to lower, delegitimize or even kill religion, spirituality, esotericism, occultism and other scientific, academic and studying fields related to religion, spirituality, esotericism and occultism that do not have atheist bias and nor are focused on disbelief those fields. Atheist studies are considered as one of the main arguments to show that cultural atheism is real and it's taking over science, the academia and society.
"Those scientific atheist disseminators always use atheist studies articles for promote atheism and delegitimize religion and spirituality using "skepticism", "science denialism", "anti-science" and "freedom of criticism" in order to protect them for being attacked by people who disagree with those studies, but anyone who understands about philosophy of science and about philosophy of religions and spirituality, can easily debunk those scientific atheist disseminators."

"Atheist studies are being one of the main reasons that atheist fanaticism and cultural atheism are growing in the whole world, but it's necessary to remember atheism itself is not the problem, but atheist fanaticism, new atheism, cultural atheism and atheist studies are the problem, they are the main reason that the hate on atheists are growing and the growing of religious intolerance among several atheist groups who are attacking religious, spiritual and esoteric people and turning atheist fanaticism into a thing."
by Full Monteirism March 22, 2021
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a person who doesnt believe in any religion or celebrate any type holiday that means Christmas Halloween Columbus Day 4th of July Black Friday Etc. must follow the orders of the Young Pretty gxd (YPG)
"Tom: hey dude come to this Christmas party with me.
Miguel : no Homes i'm a atheist witness"

"girlfriend: babe its my birthday :D
boyfriend: i atheist witness i dont believe in that"
by YxungPrettyGxd December 23, 2013
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The capitalist, anti-LGBT, moral guy who does not believe in the existence of god or gods.
"I'm an alt-atheist , get the fuck off my property gay commie scum!
by Xivilai Darkov May 25, 2017
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A person who does not believe in history; i.e. One would need a time machine to convince this person that something really happened
Guy 1: Man, I hate having to memorize dates of the Civil War. And how does Ms. Johnson know that these events happened on these specific days?
Guy 2: Since when are you a historical atheist?
by gooberdude2 April 14, 2015
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a special word invented for our one and only kim namjoon from BTS by rino and dino
"ja bae atheist"
by cc69aine June 30, 2019
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A Tillman Atheist is known for his valor and unrivaled courage. Named after the legendary, incredibly brave, Pat Tillman who chose to forgo a successful NFL career to fight unfairness and stupidity, was willing to die for whats right, simply because its the right thing to do, Not because he would receive some infinite reward in an afterlife
Did you hear about Mark? He gave up his executive 6 figure salary to take the fight from the internet to the battlefields in the middle east, a great example of a Tillman Atheist :)
by DevientGenie February 20, 2015
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when you are atheist but you also think timezones are fake so you're timezone atheist
now realizing timezones are fake as fuck, so i became timezone atheist.
by CA$$H November 06, 2017
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