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Atheist Lent, originating in Colorado, is a popular holiday that is not tied to any single day and usually occurs multiple times per year.

It consists of 3 days of total deprivation, where followers abstain from all sexual activity and deprive their bodies of food and alcohol. Some lesser atheists eat small portions of raw fruits, nuts and vegetables, while the enlightened drink only water or their own urine for the 3 days and eat nothing (refered to as Joeing).

The night before Atheist Lent is kicked off with a large feast and night of intense and extended sexual activity.

Conventionally, the day following Atheist Lent, participants’ party, go boating, boarding, camping, etc… and consume large quantities of alcohol to take full advantage of the body’s ability to get drunk easier. Participants usually end up naked and passed out.
I'm the 'master of my domain,' I just survived Atheist Lent and can't wait to get drunk and play naked ping pong!
by CO Big Balls July 08, 2009
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