Atheist fanaticism is a term used to refer to a form of atheism that takes atheism into zealot levels. Atheist fanaticism is commonly used to refer to new atheism and to refer to scientific fanaticism that's a form of fanaticism that takes science (scientism) and positivism into zealot levels and is (almost) always together with atheist fanaticism.
"Atheist fanaticism and scientific fanaticism are problematic such religious fanaticism, there are atheist zealots and scientific zealots such as there are religious zealots as well. But we must remember the problem is not atheism itself nor science itself, but take atheism and science (scientism) as an absolute truth and not as relative truths such as all truths actually are."

"That's sad to realize how several scientific dissiminators on internet are actually scientific atheist zealots and supporters of atheist fanaticism and scientific fanaticism. We must remember science is not equal to atheism and that there are areas of science that requires people to be deist and even agnostic, such as extraphysics, deistology and so many other areas as well."
by Full Monteirism March 13, 2021
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