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Top University in the Philippines in the year 2008.

Located along Katipunan and is beside two other universities: Miriam College and University of the Philippines.
Ateneo de Manila University is where I hatch my secret plans.

Ateneo de Manila University is where ATE ALMA works as a photocopier.
by Aga pito March 08, 2009
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One of the "top" schools (though horrible school standard in terms of world rank) in the Katipunan area. Ateneo is for flirty girls from ICA and average IQ Xavier boys and some mix of others from not so famous high schools.

Ateneo's standard has long been ruined since the feeling-social girls would speak improper English out loud where ever they go, esp when they shop in 168 shopping mall.

Ateneans refer to anyone who pretend they can't understand tagalog and would speak in tagalog-accent English. Furthermore, Ateneo is the breeding ground of desperate kids from middle class who tried so hard to stand out when in fact, they are all just clones of each other, both in terms of personality and behavior.
O my gosh, the pood last night was so good. We should go again tomolo. And O, I am from Ateneo de Manila University located in the armpit of Katipunan.
by jejemonsta May 01, 2010
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