sometimes a nick name for Athena- most of the time is called that by good friends and/or body guard of the moment
hey at! when are you coming to lunch?
by theycallmeWaLlY February 11, 2009
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A teddy bear that on first meeting comes acrss as a little ambitious
by Abraxus April 01, 2003
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at is a metaphor for loser/nerd/unfunny/dummy
he is such an at
by epicgeek44 June 01, 2020
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¹At; (acronym)

Anal topography;
The geological features of ones anal region.

²At; (noun)
(@)A sign used to give location, time, or identification

Slang for someones social-media handle

Associated with physical location
1.) "Bro, you smashed. What was her at like? 2.) We will be there @(at)7:30. 3.) Friend 1- "That chick was mad cute, can you give me her at?. Friend 2- " Yeah, you hit her up on snap @◼️◼️◼️◼️◼️. 4.) "Hey, where are you guys AT?" "Oh, we are AT McDonald's ."
by LofanDaSavage November 03, 2019
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