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Tentacle Queen, and God's gift to humanity. I love her with all of my heart, plus some. (Which would mean that I am in some kind of debt.)

See: Perfection, Pwnage, God, or something else along those lines.
I love Astro-chan. She is so cool. I'm not even anywhere near worthy of her presence. refuses to publish my awesome definition of Astro-chan.
by Tentacle Pimp December 01, 2004
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The president of Astro Soc (look up) 2010-2011. A notorious lightweight, who gets completely lashed on half a beer. A truly excellent person, and one who is worthy of worship. Stands at about 90cm, and is ably assisted by the Astro-palmer.
Are you going to Astro Soc tonight?

I'm not sure. Is the Astro-chan going to be there?
by EdChan2011 May 09, 2011
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