A synonym for "butdorf". meaning a complete tool who has a significantly smaller penis than anyone he knows.
Guy#1- "Did you see that guy with the tiny penis"

Guy# 2- "You mean butdorf?"

Guy# 1- " No the asswad!"

Guy# 2- " Same thing!!"
by Jake!!!!!! June 27, 2011
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Dancehall group based in North East Guadelope, with such hits as Fook Aal Di Animals, Sook Uz Tru Di Phone, Keeeees Eeeet, Crack Di Clam Open, Baapz and Bust One Out (An Ya Fayass) . If Carlsberg made x-rated fake dancehall groups...........
one step soca bashment reggae dutty asswad
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The definition of asswad is simple it is ifact the same term as mince and tatties read exmaple and understand
Ahh some mince and tatties
o you asswad you ruined the mince and tatties
look asswad these mince and tatties are fine
o shutit asswad you have no idea what good mince and tatties are and you never will
by Stealth June 05, 2004
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Mike...see dipshit, gaywad, dumbass, fuck up, hormonal shitwad...etc.

its saying i dont have enough letters or something so afiuhsoeruhriuhagsdgf
Mike is an asswad! A fucking asswad is mike!!!!!!
by WiLd4U29620 March 31, 2005
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The amount of X that can fit inside someone's ass. Where X is a quantity of something.
Corey (to soccer team)- I have an asswad of white socks you can borrow.
Team- Eww... We don't think we need those socks now, they might not be so white.
by jorge- June 26, 2009
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