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Not to be confused with Courage Juice

Pills with the taste of lemon merengue developed by Dr. Mawangi Misoi before his hanging hundreds of years ago. Cures Ass-Breath by hardening the backbone. Currently produced in Cuba. Originally made from ground gunpowder made by Haitian slaves and sweat from Seminoles who fought against the U.S. Army in the Seminole wars. Tested on Nathaniel β€œNat” Turner, then further tested in France, It should also be noted a bottle of it was found in the clenched dead hand of the white John Brown.

Ingredients were added by various people from places like Russia, The Congo, Vietnam, and China. Currently on the FDA Shit-List.
Person 1: So you done took the Ass-Breath Killers, is it workin yet?
Person 2: Nah; man is yours workin yet?
Person 1: I think mine is about to start workin now, There it goes
Corporate Drone: Hey what are you guys supposed to be doin?
Person 1: I'm supposed to be draggin my foot, out your motherfuckin ass.
by Givl Upi July 11, 2018
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