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The resultant fecal protrusion as result of fighting off the imminent need to defecate, that has moved beyond the turtle head stage. Ambulatory movement while in this state results in the subsequent movement of the Ass Crayon, thus creating a abstract expressionistic piece of art on the inside of the persons underwear.
Not wanting to crap in the pub's gnarly toilet, Drew knew his wiggling Ass Crayon would make quite a masterpiece as he waddled his way home.
by teh collective January 13, 2010
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When a woman is passed out, either from her own actions or by way of your rufies, the act of fucking her in the ass wildly and then drawing doodles on her sheets using your feces-stained penis.

These actions may be repeated until said drawing is complete.
That passed out bitch didn't appreciate that I ass crayoned her bed.
- or -
I have a wicked yeast infection in my foreskin from using my ass crayon too much.
by scorpionmintred December 28, 2003
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An anomaly during the act of defecation in which your sphincter clamps tightly around fecal matter, resulting in the requirement of wiping your ass until your brown-eye bleeds profusely.
I'm sorry I'm walking a bit awkwardly today. I had a horrible Ass Crayon this morning.
by Orion20 January 03, 2010
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