Brain scans show it to be very, very real. People with Asperger's are also more prone to autoimmune disorders like Lupus and Diabetes.
My brother has Asperger's Syndrome.
by Howard P December 17, 2007
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A fake disorder invented so that angsty antisocial teenagers with no personality or social skills could feel like they belonged to something. Symptoms include mediocre artistic and web-design skills, affection for emo, self-pity.
Bob told me he had asperger's syndrome, but in reality, he was just a social retard that nobody liked.
by not found [Error 404] August 24, 2009
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A condition where a persons lacks the social capabilites of their age group.

Some people think aspies "don't have any personality" or "have no social skills". Which can really hurt the aspies feelings. Aspies often don't have the unanxiousness to express their personality freely. A lot of aspies sense of humour is different, because they often take things literally, and sometimes don't pick up on sarcasm quickly. (Which is often compensated by the aspie finding every other kind of humour more funny than others seem to). Humour is very important for social interactions and connecting with others. Some people with mild aspergers can have the potential to be unusually successful.
However, NT's lack the aspie charm, that can come from the combination of intelligence and naivete. A lot of NT's don't have the loyalty of someone with aspergers syndrome, which can be a surprisingly rare and highly desired trait in the eyes of many people. Aspies often have integrity, originality and many other good traits. I also think there is a good side to seemingly lacking empathy (that is lacking the theory-of-mind of an NT), and that is that the person who has more than average theory-of-mind is a psycopath.

Most of the time aspies often have a good nature, so please don't hurt them. If the aspie is causing damage without any bad intention behind it, you don't have to abuse them and you don't have to help them either. Just politely keep them out of your life, WITHOUT SAYING ANYTHING THAT DAMAGE THEIR SELF ESTEEM. This does not take effort. I don't think there is an unhurtful way to point out the lagging social skills to the aspie. (Unless you love them and are prepared to put in the time and effort). I hope that people just let the aspie eventually work out in which areas they need to change them selves. At the same time, I hope that anyone who is having unintentional damage done to their life by an aspie, does not let that aspie in their life any further.
by Incidently.. January 13, 2012
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A mental disorder (I think that's the right term) which is basically a milder form of autism. It varies from person to person.

It has many symptoms, but if you call them that, instead of the more PC, "tendancies" then you are automatically an asshole.
Some tendencies include:
Being awesome at math (because rain man says we are).
Not being able to make jokes (or friends).
Unintentionally acting like an asshole, even though we may spend a lot of time trying to act like what normal people do, 'n stuff.
Apparently choosing to be like this.
Getting bullied.
Being bullies.
Having our parents being blamed for our condition.
Being told that our problems aren't as bad or important as those faced by people with high functioning autism, even though the main difference is the time we start speaking.
Having to deal with idiots who self diagnose because they dont like being around people all the time.
Using our diagnosis as a "get out of jail free" card.
Liking MLP.
Zach: "hello, how are you"
Aspie Aaron: "I'm alright"
Z: "what a fucking dick!"
AA: "I'm sorry, I have asperger's syndrome, I'm not to good at conversations."
Z: "Now you're using your diagnosis as an excuse?"
AA: "No, I was just explaining..."
Z: "What a fucking dick!
by That damn aspie! October 22, 2015
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1. Asperger's Syndrome is a real mental/communication syndrome
2. People with Asperger's Syndrome are known as aspies, but there are fake "aspies" who claim to have the syndrome.
3. Authentic aspies will most likely never, ever out loud claim to be an aspie and claim it with pride, in fact real aspies tend to be a bit ashamed or very shy of their disorder.
4. Fake aspies wear their often times self-diagnosed Asperger's syndrome with pride
5. Authentic aspies will do what they do best rather than mess with people and use their Asperger's as a crutch, that is also the whole point of the disorder, you excel at one subject whereas you lack at social skills.
6. Fake aspies will often bother people about their "disorder."
7. Authentic aspies will, despite lacking in social skills, try and make an effort to get along with people outside their comfort zone while fakes will hate people who aren't like them.
(example) Todd and Ricardo are two boys who actually have Asperger's syndrome, Kyle is a fake aspie who is actually just another annoying emo kid.

Todd- Hey, Ricardo, I'm going to pwn you in C&C 3: Tiberium Wars again!
Ricardo- They hell you will, I just realized that the Scrin aren't as good as EA games wants us to think, I'm going to play as Nod for now on!
Todd- GDI will still kick your ass, besides, in the whole C&C story, GDI was the victor in the First Tiberium War, Second and will be in the third! Oh yea, we have a cooler superweapon...THE ION CANNON!
-Kyle comes in wearing overpriced Hot Topic crap-
Kyle- Those football players tackled me into the wall and took my Chinese (made in China) magical charms.
Ricardo- dude, maybe you shouldn't have said all that shit to them earlier today, I saw you talk crap to the linebacker.
Kyle- Let's put a stinkbomb into the locker room!
Todd- Let's not, I have a really good friend who's the Quarterback of the school's team! He's my dueling buddy on C&C Generals too!
Richardo- Hey, let's play C&C Generals instead! I call US Laser General "Pinpoint and Chinese Infantry General "Anvil" Shin Fai
Todd- I call Dr. Thrax and Chinese Nuke General Tsing Shi Tao!
Kyle- Man, screw you fake aspies!
by C&C Chinese Nod General August 28, 2007
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A hot new label that has been out for the past 15-20 years describing a person, usually a boy of school age, that is physically and socially awkward, lacking common sense, has trouble making friends, has obsessive interests that are trivial to most people, and blackballed from the general populace. In the past, many were described as a spaz, reject, goofy, or incompetent.
Asperger's Syndrome
by waspcoloredstain June 10, 2013
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Imagine a tiny mind, half the size of a tic-tac. This pseudo-mind contains all of the ingredients of full-blown intelligence. Then crush that pill up and dissolve it into an Olympic swimming pool.

That is the lot of the average Neurotypical.
Unfortunately, they have not a fraction of the mental wattage to understand something as complex as Aspergers syndrome or Autism, particularly as those 'conditions' generally impart an order of magnitude more intelligence than the average Neurotypical.
Oddly, Neurotypicals can't spell either.

Asperger's is easier to understand in terms of the stupidity of Neurotypicals sometimes:
Basically, some whiny teenage emo outcasts figured out that they could easily fit in with others of their own kind, but only at the expense of being just a teeny bit able to think. Then they started making this bullshit movement for other whiny ~unique~ teenagers to join them. So that they could all meet together on the Internet and have a giant fucking circlejerk about how ''UNIQUE'' and ''MISUNDERSTOOD'' they are. To make themselves feel better they beat up on quiet kids until the parents' complain, but the whiny teens get a few dipshit doctors to vouch for them. Their grammar remains apalling.

Attention-whoring Emo Neurotypical Dickhead: "Fear my Vulcan mind-abilities, puny earthling, for I have Asperger's Syndrome!" - is an exaggeration, amazingly with correct spelling and grammar, but by and large this world was *created* by people with Asperger's/Autism and other genius-generating conditions. And Psycopaths, the homo sapiens' natural internal predator. Neurotypicals really are just the meat and sewerage of the system, they serve no 'central' purpose, but its important for them to believe that they do. Can you honestly imagine a Neurotypical conceiving of 'Courts' or 'Parliament' ? Can you imagine them designing the engineering concepts that go into building a house? A skyscraper? A car? A rocket? An aircraft? Give me a break, there is just no way. These things take a deep, deep ability to abstract. Aspergers Syndrome.
by deathfromabover February 06, 2013
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