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A predominant trait almost exclusive to women of Asian descent where the vagina possesses a tight curve and lack of depth coupled with durable elasticity. Anthropologists have determined this trait was the result of Han Chinese becoming common genetic ancestry following the defeat of Miao and the Li during the Battle of Zhuolu in 26th century BC. This unique vagina configuration was first thought as bodily defense to insure a genetically pure sexual reproduction. The vagina possess a physical obstacle with its curve that makes penetration difficult from a thicker penis, its shallow depth and elasticity cause an effect known as wondering cervix; causing a longer penis glands to travel along the side cervix pointing the meatus away from the cervical canal.

This female trait has been criticized for the decline of Asian penis sizes; the decline was a result of a need for a smaller penis proper sexually reproduction, this decline has mirror the enlargement of the physical obstructions in the females vagina.

In modern culture Asian women have found it an empowering trait when having sexual intercourse with men of far removed ethnic heritage with lager penises. During penetration the larger penis requires a large amount of force to fully penetrate while wondering cervix rubbing the meatus of the penis randomly producing a great deal of pleasure for the male.

This trait has been known as a contributing factor of contracting “Yellow Fever” in men of non-Asian descent.
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by July 13, 2015
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