A well known porn star who runs her own website and knows how to use computers. Her best attribute is her ability to look like someone you know, while fucking some stud. She is smart, sexy, and available (all you have to do is drive to your local XXX store, or visit www.asiacarrera.com). If you play Unreal Tournament much, Asia has probably whipped your ass at some point or another.
Damn, I just got asswhipped in UT by Asia Carrera. I guess the only thing to do is go to her website and whack off to her tit pics.
by Jake December 2, 2003
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A fine asian pornstar with a great face(open mouth) and a piercing in the p***y.
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Sexy-ass asian porn star, characterized by her smile and visible enjoyment during sex (unlike most asian chicks who seem like they're going through a punishment), and a pierced clit.
God let me f*ck Asia Carrera once!!
by BehenKaLauda April 26, 2005
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