an amazingly funny girl; will always make you smile; blond haired; pretty face; rocking body
Gosh, that Ashton is so cool, do you think she'll go out with me?
by Vegetakira October 24, 2011
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A sexy, smart, amazing, wonderful, funny girl that you can spend LARG amounts of time with. She's someone who like sweedish fish. Someone who likes to cuddle. Someone who makes life worth living and helps you get up in the morning. Someone who will love you until the end. Someone who is kind, loving, and gentle. someone you wish that you could hold forever and never let go.... someone you can love
Ashton is the best
by Branman52528383525 February 16, 2017
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Gorgeous, fun, confident girl. The kind of person that makes you excited about life and gives you a reason get up in the morning. Has a surprising dangerous side that only a lucky few get to see.
by CRVF16 January 13, 2017
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A beautiful, smart and athletic guy who is always willing to help out a friend. Ashton’s are average in school except math and science, where they are one of the top in there class. Ashton’s are very generous with there money because they know it will mean a lot more to someone else then themselves. Ashton’s likes watching sports but loves playing sports even more! He loves being around friends but if you make him mad he will get quite for a little bit. He love going to movies with his friends and then going to eat because you Ashton’s are always hungry.
Her: “ who is the freak athlete?”
Him: “ that must be a Ashton!”
Ashton:beautiful, smart, great friend and athlete.
by Freaky Friday October 23, 2017
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An ashton is specific movement made by a person in which they unknowingly exaggerate the movement. By doing so they then look foolish and everyone around them wonders if something might be wrong with that certain individual.
"Who drinks from a cup using two hands? What an ashton!"

"He just crossed that street with such swagger. Such an ashton."
by Dub O' Trey December 07, 2008
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Amazing guy. One of the best people to know and care about. Loves skittles and sports. Is very athletic and attractive. Loving and passionate
Ashton is the best man ever
by unknowngirlxoxo May 03, 2016
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An amazing friend. A tall guy who can be shy but once you get to know him he's extremely funny. He can be perceived as mean, but that's just the outside. You definitely want to be his friend. (Or girfriend if you're a girl, IDK) He has a bit of an ego. He is the best at basketball that you will know.
Wow look at the new kid. Who's that?
Probably an Ashton
by Sydosys (Devon/DrummerVW) June 30, 2016
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