The most beautiful, caring, and fun girls you'll ever meet. Usually incredible at softball, hits dingers all the time. Has many guy friends but if she's yours she is loyal. Can often times be jealous but is an amazing girl non the less. Perfect eyes, perfect hair, incredible teeth. They usually have had braces in middle school. Country girls but they can get really pretty in a hoco dress. There mom's can make bad decisions but they are just looking out for them. Get yourself an Ashlyn... Unless they are taken!
Dang, her name must be ashlyn!
by Loyalguy37 December 22, 2016
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Ashlyn is a person who you can fully trust in every Situation you will ever face. With an ashlyn as your friend you are one of the luckiest guys in the entstehen world, because you can always believe in her help and in her Support... Always. But dont make an ashlyn mad, because the consequences could affection your relationship to this person realy badly.

Love you... Monte
Oh wow look how beautiful that girl over there is... She must be an ashlyn
by MonteSpitz July 06, 2016
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Ashlynโ€™s tend to be very funny and laugh at literally anything. They have gorgous and glowing hair with eyes that pop. Ashlyn is a very caring and fun friend. Everyone wants to be friends with her. She is popular and a boy magnet. Very sporty as well.
Ashlyn is the best
by burke24 March 02, 2019
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Different than other girls :) she loves to play games but also likes to hangout with friends,draw and sing.
She also loves piano and guitar

She is a tiny bit sporty but is mostly lazy..
She is clingy and lovey dovy and tries to act innocent but her thoughts are like your sexual fantasies

She can is loyal to her boyfriend who is epic
She also can be nice,kind,geeky,creative,a nerd, and sassy
She is very protective of bff and her bf cause there the closet people to her and thats all cause im to lazy to go on
Random peep: hey whats your name
Me:ashlyn why you ask?
Peep: pretty name suits you :) and just was curious
by _daluna_moon_ July 15, 2018
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Ashlyn Is An Amazing Person To Have Around. She's Always Happy&&Loves Hippo's Named Banana. She Lives&Breathes Music && Always Will Love Fuzzy BallsXD. ILY5
Me: Ashlyn What Are You Doing.?
Ashlyn: Playing With The Fuzzy Balls On Your Jacket, What DOes It Look Like I'm Doing.?!
by Rainbow.BLEH. February 18, 2011
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She is a very smart, nice, kind, funny and a beautiful young girl. She has a sining voice of a angle. She has all the boys on her! She is the prettiest girl in the grade and boys will do anything for her. The key trait that she has is her beauty and her kindness. She is the bestied friend that you can ever have! She loves to have fun and have sleepovers. Even if you have a fight she will always want to be friends again! She loves slime and makes it for her friends! When you fight with each other she will still support u!
Omg Ashlyn is so amazing!
by Emmidegs17 May 28, 2018
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