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The official team name that Ashley Tisdale gave to Danny Stone's followers on twitter, because he has absolutely no creativity to figure out a team name for his own followers. If you're a die hard fan of Ashley Tisdale, then most likely you probably know who this loser Danny Stone is. If you don't know who he is, you're not missing much. He's just another pointless internet celebrity that everybody follows on twitter just because he was able to blast up Ashley Tisdale's skirt. If you wanna be like everyone else and hop on the bandwagon of fools, then follow Danny Stone on twitter.
Dude, im qualified to be an official Ashley Tisdale's Danny Fanny because I'm following him on twitter. In reality he's a nobody but the ex boyfriend of a broken down Disney star. There's no other reason why he's famous.
by Frankii Fiiggs November 04, 2012
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