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Perfection, everything every man dreams of having. The absolute most goregous,beautiful girl to ever walk the face of this universe. Model status. Cheerleading beauty,she has every girls dream body. You'd think shes plastic. Real life Barbie? Possibly. Doesn't start drama with anyone unless they ask for it. Sweetest little girl you'll ever meet. Smart,but has a bubbly attitude. Most cheerful,helpful person I've ever witnessed. Body so tight for her age,waist so little but ass so big,perkiest titties ever. Gorgoues real long hair. Biggest puppy dog eyes ever. Skin flawless. If ever your reading this & catch this girl,don't let her go. Beautiful imagination,perfect friend. Will willingly sacrifice her own happiness for those she loves. Cutest little giggle. If she promises you the world,you'll get it. From Toms River East where she was adored, unlike any other girl you'll ever find,& I promise you that,the perfect little angel herself Ashley. My God,bless the man who has her. Luckiest SOB alive.
Ashley Nicole Russo is honestly a living,breathing Barbie Doll, what I would do to have her.
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