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Ashland middle school is one the worst places to be. Sure, it’s better than the other middle schools Ashland Oregon but as soon as you enter those heavy doors you will want to get out. It’s packed with skater kids that harass you everywhere you turn. The popular girls are just hoes that tastefully show their bra without getting dresscoded. Anyone that plays sports at ams is super competitive, if you have a PE class with someone that plays a sport at Ashland middle school, you’re skrewed. For the most part everyone is normal... except for the kids that think talking about rape is funny. I almost forgot about the drama kids!! The drama kids are their own breed mainly because most of them grew up in Ashland Oregon, which is best known for the Oregon Shakespeare festival. They all tamale acting very seriously and are die hard musical fans... never mess with a drama kid. The teachers Ashland middle school are somewhat tolerable But that all depends on what y’all you’re in although they are clearly split up by who is the smartest. The worst thing about ams is the educational assistants Aka EA’s. They are the worst, they spend the whole hunting down kids to get trouble even if you are the perfect kid you will at one point get in trouble by these EA’s
So in summary, Ashland middle school is a magical place that you should come drop by at
Ooohh I get it now

Get what?

You go to Ashland middle school.
by Sackpant June 06, 2018
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A white ass school in Ohio. Sex is everyone's drug. Like fuck being high let's just fuck! All the girls are hoes that send nudes to any guy that wants them. All the guys send dick pics of their tiny dick. And all the teachers are always salty and think they intimidate kids, but they don't.
Yo have you seen how many people stay fucking at Ashland Middle School!
by Student2003 February 28, 2017
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