A young, talentless and mildly pretty entertainer (I hesitate to use the word 'singer' in this case) whos vocabulary is made up simply of the words 'oh' and 'baby'. Moving modern music away from talent and into mindless crap. One of the main reasons why I haven't listened to the radio in about two years.
OMG, like, when I grow up, I, like, wanna be just like Ashanti! ASHANTI ROX!
by Thank God for Muse. September 30, 2004
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The idiots who like Ashanti can't even spell either.
The literacy of Ashanti lovers and other pop-star slaves provide an accurate image on the declining quality of music today
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ASS SHANTI ass-something that spews crap..shanti-a poorly built structure
Ashanti is poorly built and spews crap.
by LOL October 25, 2003
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a female (or who knows maybe male) who is flat AS HELL, cant sing a damn note. cant dance if her life depended on it, her routines are retarded. looks like a gorilla with sideburns & a unibrow. Her wigs are always missplaced or misshaped, has a very stan fanbase. R&B prince my ass, Beyonce is the real princess, at least she has talent.
Damn, Ashanti's sideburns are gonna eat my dog if she comes any closer
by Alisa May 05, 2005
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1.) A talentless singer from the Suburbs of Glen Cove who made it famous simply by being at the right place at the right time 2.)Fooling people to believe that you are something that you're not while receiving praise for your "talents" by unsuspecting bystanders. 3.)Singing a whole song in one key while saying either "Baby" or "Aww Baby" throughout.
I know I can't do this, but I'll Ashanti my way out of it.
by Anonymous October 30, 2003
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1I wish she didnt exist b/c she CANNOT SING, SANG or ANYTHANG wit her nappy weave that connect to her Planet of the Apes sideburns. (and how the Hell do yow mess up "Aww Baby" and "Baby baby baby baby bay-bee"...my 3 year old cousin can do it better)
2Can't get a man of her own so she share
Kimmy:Did u hear about Stephanie?
Kimmy:Well, she sucked Kae's d**k so that he would notice her.And he still can't r'member her name.
Nicci: I told her to stop idolizin' that "Oh baby I'm satisfied,even if ur not just mine" ho. Now we gotta start callin her Ashanti
Kimmy:Oh, but thats so mean. Can't we just stop talkin to her?
Nicci:You're right that's better then puttin her whole life on blast
by DatBytchUWant~~~~Lala October 26, 2004
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Sad ass excuse for a singer. Proves that the singing industry is all about looks, because that's all the man has.
Let's be Ashanti so we can get a record deal with smerff inc
by Keisha January 28, 2004
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