when sheesh is so sheesh you gotta hype it up.
Person 1: "I just laid"
Person 2: "Asha Asha Asha AHSHEEEESH"
by DustinTheMan April 25, 2022
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Red court white shirt suits you the best indian dress western dress aap sab mei ache lagte ho.News bhi ekta kapoor ka serial lagta hai just isliye kyunki itni khubsurat anchor rehti hai.mei aapki wajh se hi news dekhna start kiya.
Wow that news channel betn 5 to 9 is fab no .
Just because anchor is Asha jha
by Asha jha fannn September 29, 2020
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madam you left news 24 hence i miss news 24.its good to be known but still loved to see you there madam.
by AHUGEFANOFASHAMADAM September 17, 2020
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Asha-Louise is the most beautiful girl you will ever see. Usually has long dark hair and is an incredible best friend. She is a bad ass and can argue with someone for years just to prove her point. Her beauty will make everyone's heads turn and will always be kind and generous unless you irritate her. You should never try to argue with an Asha-Louise because she can and will get really angry. She can be really emotional so she can need a lot of love from friends and family. If you ever have a crush on an Asha-Louise you should tell her. She will most likely love you back. You can guarantee her self confidence is above the charts and is extremely intelligent. Asha-Louise is very creative and artistic and loves to draw and doodle. Asha-Louise is very, very cute and can be very shy at times. In front on friends she's always very loud and funny. This girl will be the love of your life as long as you treat her as she deserves, she'll treat you like her prince and will love you forever if you truly love her. This girl will be the most amazing best friend you will ever have. The only person who can prove her wrong is her best friend. This pretty girl is all you would ever need.
Person 1: Did you see that hot chick over there?
Person 2: Oh yeah, she must be an Asha-Louise
by XxHeyItzEmmaxX December 2, 2017
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Asha Oka is a word to say to a person who's so called marupok
I thought she doesn't like him she's so Asha Oka
by BoboMoAbby January 15, 2021
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