Some stupid morons decided to wreck havoc in downtown Helsinki in August 2006 ... These so called "anarkists" got their asses whipped by the police before anything even got started...

The downside was that alongside with the anarkists the police jailed a lot of innocent bypassers and other unsuspecting people; For example journalists and non-anarkist demonstrators...
Guy1: It sure was a good thang that the police caught those anarkists who were trying to "smash asem" in their "Smash Asem gathering..."

Guy2: Oh do shut up... They caught me too... My ass is still sore from that night... *Cries*
by Johnny P. Good October 16, 2006
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Where people dwell when their seemingly unfair starting advantage is not quite enough to outweigh their general overall incompetence.
Dude was born into the penthouse, but his sEXiness has landed him right in the B"asem"ent. You believe that shit?
by dontknower November 08, 2008
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