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A mysterious, virile guy who harbors some unusual fantasies. A lone wolf type who mates only with mysterious, beautiful girls. Not to be confused with an Asshole; the two are completely different.
Jen's boyfriend is a romantic Asehole.
by Vanilla Cat November 02, 2013
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An internet meme for a typical pedophile on any and all message boards. A user becomes an ASEhole when it becomes obvious they have a special affection towards younger members of said forum.
"Spek you're being such an ASEhole today, quit flirting with those thirteen year old girls."
by von1945 July 21, 2009
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The coolest guy You can find, usually by the bar or around back smokin a fatty. He's usually smokes weed. He makes his name known to the whole world in the most mysterious ways, Could even be though the internet....
I come here every night and this Asehole always got all the bitches and he's so damn cool... I hate my life..I wish i was him.
by Asehole October 14, 2009
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