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A type of Individual that chooses a more culturally rich lifestyle that maintains a great admiration for various forms of art and creative endeavours. Informed and typically altruistic by nature, these individuals believe in the power of creative appreciation and collaboration as a means to benefit humanity. Their enthusiasm and curiosity for art and the creative process embodies the spirit of the artisan. Embracers of change and out-of-the-box thinkers, they may associate as the artist, the critic and the collector.
You can find Artsters at creative events such as art exhibits, launch parties, opening receptions, studio
open houses, social painting engagements, creative workshops etc.
by AquaB July 26, 2016
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Hipsters that are groupies to artists and attend every single local art show. Makes frequent visits to art exhibitions and art fairs. They have no formal art education, which leads them to misuse art terminology and references.
Ricky is such an artster. He wrote a blog about another trip he made to NYC to attend an art festival. That's the third time this month!
by SapphireRose666 December 29, 2008
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