An art hoe is basically a “tumblr” girl that’s go to outfit is a pair of mom jeans, most probably a yellow striped shirt or an oversized hoodie, fake round glasses that look like the ones of that girl in Mathilda, converse/vans/filas/dr martens and a pair of Van Gogh socks... she keeps her hair in a messy bun most of the time, owns a mason jar of scrunshies, an instax camera, all of the Harry Potter books, goes to Starbucks every now and then with her birthday money since dad says it’s too expensive. Her favorite singers are Billie eilish, Shawn mendes, Ed Sheeran, Camila cabello, Megan trainor... finally she thinks she’s weird and quircky
Mackenna with the basic art hoe outfit: omg pumpkin spice lattes are my favorite during fall my favorite season!

Catherine her normal friend: UGH mackenna you are such an art hoe!
by Hurricane Hoya boya September 18, 2018
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it's important to note the term was first coined by poc. Today it is mostly used to refer to white girls who are "quirky" and "different" that probably have micro bangs, masturbate to bands you've never heard of and never shut up about how they exclusively shop at thrift shops.
Omg, Klara Is obsessed with her image of being quirky, she's such an art hoe
by Cat-Catastrophe December 19, 2016
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A type of person. This individual is usually obsessed with everything artsy, and is very pretentious, and snobbish l, because as a certified art hoe they believe they r better than everybody else. This is the type of person who can always be seen with a kanken backpack, probably owns a record player, only eats vegan, organic and free range, and will not shut up about how they aren't "LikE OthEr giRls". Beware of the art hoe, they r dangerous creatures.
Lucy is becoming such an art hoe, she won't even go to pizza express with me because it's too mainstream for her.
by M8needstogetalife April 13, 2019
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girls who listen to the 1975 and sing and are in musicals, etc
Talia and Lauren are art hoes
by swagswagmlg420 January 07, 2017
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First coined by tumblr user sensitiveblackperson, art hoe is a term specifically for POC or allies who are interested in any kind of art. The term has catalyzed a subculture of white girlsand boys interested in kånken backpacks, art socks, and journaling.
Look at all the art hoes at the MOMA right now!
by forgetmenot August 04, 2015
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Someone who likes looking at art, making art, and expressing how they look in an artistic manor.
Important to note that this word originally started as a platform for black women and POC.
Amandla Stengerg and Willow Smith are famous "art hoes."
by babyboo2 February 12, 2016
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Always wearing some article that is a shade of yellow; shops at Forever 21 or Urban Outfitters; claims to be 'vintage'; takes pictures of aesthetique artwork; reads 'milk and honey' by Rupi Kaur and tries to mimic his literary skill; has amazing handwriting and a thousand journals; probably diagnosed with anxiety/depression; obsessed with the artwork of Vincent Van Gogh; all of her friends are art hoes and soft boys
Look at Melody over there reading 'the sun and her flowers.' She's such an art hoe.
by RaiBrown156 January 16, 2019
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