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A school for Arts and Technology. Not just a school for rejects and pot smokers.
Art Tech High School Student: Haha, I only have three periods in a day and practically no homework!
by Bob The Awesome October 21, 2009
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art tech is a school for kids to learn and grow. using new techniques to try and get the kids more involved in the learning process. art tech high school is open to peoples ideas and thoughts, and is about helping students. the teachers are kind, caring and willing to help students with problems (personal or school related)
art tech high school
by max dennis April 14, 2010
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a school of stoners, posers, degenerates, and one republican. Art Tech highly believes in accepting other peoples beliefs, except for non-pot smokers whom are damned to burn and fester in the fiery pits of hell (and we also dont like anti-videogame cunts like Hilary Clinton).
art tech high school student: What's a mexican?
by Brendon Trueb November 14, 2006
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A place where a steadily dying breed of individuals make attempt to make themselves and their ideas known through both intellectual, and social pursuits of all kinds and will also openly express their ethical opinions regardless of what the general populous believes. In addition it is a school for the intellectuals, and idiots who don't fit in at West Linn, or Wilsonville because something about them has been deemed abnormal. It is also in some regards a place where the school board dumps students that they don't know what to do with because of of "Behavioral Issues" or some other gay shit like that.
Close Minded Superficial West Linn Girly Girl: "Liek, omg, look at those spaz druggie kids from Art Tech Highschool, liek that school must totally be liek for meth heads and freaks!"

Art Tech Student: "Haha, most of you West Linn kids are so gay and close minded that you don't know what you beezies are missin'."
by Lulz1234555 April 23, 2010
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