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The Chicago Tribune reporter from 1993-1994 that reported on the subject that became the archetype for a creepypasta. In 2002 as the writer that penned the story played it up as a much harder successor of Edgar Allan Poe The Tell-Tale Heart as he relates aspects that took place before the story first broke and into what Art Barnum related. As of this era he's no longer with The Tribune but he reported on the events since they first broke. The Cabbie Homicide's writer found the articles years later as the dialog he did in the story mirrored Art's report. He pointed this out in his expose rebuking Kealan Patrick Burke as well as a gossip blogging bugchaser from Phoenix who verbally used The Cabbie Homicide for his personal urinal as he's known for Barbed Wire Kisses. The combination between the articles Art did and Cabbie, there's creepypasta fodder "Cabbie's Killer Sentenced" as this was reported on November 11, 1994; when the latter story's writer got shitfaced drunk in Urbana to numb himself from even knowing what his classmate did as he thought the classmate was selling wolf tickets.
Art Barnum? If you read The Cabbie Homicide this is the journalist who reported on the case, it's noted for his unflinching approach as he noted how the second murderer showed no remorse as he had a face similar to Michael Myers after killing his sister. The journalist is the real life counterpart to Halloween character Dr. Sam Loomis for the fearless reporting of the convicted Cabbie murderer as the writer of The Cabbie Homicide took it a little further. Both the original article and Cabbie back to back -- will induce serious Nigtmare Fuel in journalism. If one flames The Cabbie Homicide then one reveals that they've got no fucking soul as they also shit on Addison, Illinois, and DuPage County. If the truth leaves them that unhinged they can go back to sucking their thumb, as the bastards crawl back to mother as they feel like they were punched in the gut. Go back to reading your Poppy Z. Brite fanfiction you faggot.
by ilinoishorrorman January 16, 2018
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