Pretty cool, hard wearing jeans - good quality American jeans - don't kid yourself they are nice -they fit me really well and I'm a body builder and they look great.
Nice jeans Arizona Jeans are nice, reasonably priced and wear well
by Jeffeejames December 8, 2012
Arizona Jean co. is a sub company of JCPenny. The product line is cheaper but comparable to Levi's Strauss. The company is able to go to par with Levi's and constantly changes according to the seasons.
Dudette1: those are nice jeans what brand are they?
Dudette2: they're Arizona Jean Co. they're just like Levi's.
by Brokadile March 20, 2014
A JC Penney minilabel, Arizona Jeans Company is a safe, boring option for young teen clothing.

A favorite of middle schoolers, poor people, and people from small towns with no other options (although this is still not an excuse), Arizona Jeans Company is basically one step above buying your clothes at KMart.
Josh- These fake denim, hammer loop carpenter shorts are from Arizona Jeans Company!
Cole- Dude, that just means JC Penney's. You suck.

Ashley- Girl, I can see the Arizona Jeans label on your boring, sage colored hoodie sweater. Tuck it in.
Lynn- I am so embarassed. Don't tell anyone, okay? My mom just got fired, and my dad spends all of his paycheck at the bar...
by Chickering June 5, 2007