The actual president of the United States of Amerikwa. Noted for his brutality and boundless arrogance.
But we can't quite start the war against Iran! We had already spent gazillion of dollars bringing the pornocracy to Iraq!
Shut up, you moron! It us, the Jews who own America, so what's you gonna do? Tickle my balls? (LOL)
by Destouches February 10, 2005
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Valiant Prime Minister of Israel. A true example of a sabra and a true Zionist.
Ariel Sharon's efforts for peace were recognized by the world.
by Tal Zaken April 20, 2006
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1. The current Prime Minister of Israel as of April '05. He is a man who goes against true zionism and allows the land of Israel to be split up.
Israel could have a much better PM than Ariel Sharon
by Mango April 04, 2005
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The way of approaching a girl who you like/love/find attractive etc. but who on the other hand doesn't like you that much that consists of dating and sleeping with her best friend who then again finds you cute.

Provided that this procedure is chosen and hence properly put into action, the girl you admire will gradually confess to her error not dating with you and thus start dating with you due to the fact that she has gotten more or less jealous of her best friend who continuously tells her about herself being together with you and how great and pleasurable your date/sex/etc. is.

Granted that the plan is successful you have in fact killed two birds with one stone since you have slept with two women instead of *only* having slept with one and therefore have fully accomplished the primary objective.
"I heard Max ariel sharonned Allie with her best friend, is that true?"

"I'm going to do the Ariel Sharon tactic on her. You'll see, I'll get her somehow."

Though potentially effective and overall easy to realize if the needed requirements like a girl worth to desire and her female friend in love with you are given, the Ariel Sharon tactic however does not serve the correct purpose for a man to conquer the woman he loves but rather stands for getting that women in an indirect and perhaps even crooked and illegitimate way. This is the case because the Ariel Sharon tactic might not always work out as planned and a man consequently might be stuck with the female friend for it hasn't had the desired effect on the admired girl. Also, the role of the female friend is in twilight for she can turn against the man after he has decided to date with his beloved girl only. If the worst comes to the worst he even might find himself abandoned in the end if the intention of his doing is accidentally revealed or the tactic simply fails.
At any rate, if the Ariel Sharon tactic is employed love matters not since the tactic aims at the man to score in any case.
In conclusion, people who have fallen in true love with a girl shouldn't operate by the tactic described above or, in other words, only if they regard it as a last resort to get the girl they desperately love. But even then it is considered ethically questionable and one should better try it the honest but possibly also ineffective way to get her.
by BulligerVerstand March 23, 2007
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