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The winner of Finnish Idols 2007. A 23-year-old heavy metal singer who went and kicked everyone's ass in that crappy pop competition. American Idol has nothing on him.

His debut album Fuel for the Fire has sold double platinum in Finland and spent 12 weeks in a row as #1 on the Finnish Chart, something that no one has been able to do before (except Bon Jovi). The album's about to be released in Japan (for starters).

The Voice that will take you straight to nirvana.

Will take over the the world one day so be prepared.
"Have you seen Ari Koivunen on YouTube?"
"Yeah, he rocks!"

You're fuel for the fire
Pour it down on me
Make flames burn higher
I can feel the heat
You set my soul alive
by Heartstealer October 08, 2007
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