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1) When a man barges violently into the bathroom while his friend is taking a shit, points at him and says sternly: "Are you quite finished?"

2) When a woman turns to her lover after he has been stuffing her like a thanksgiving turkey for three hours or more and exclaims "Are you quite finished?"
1) Bob, upon forced entry into Dave's bathroom: "Are you quite finished?"

2) Maria to Brian "Are you quite finished? We've been fucking for sixteen hours now. I have work, you know." Brian: "Nope" and proceeds to giving her an alligator fuckhouse and multiple donkey punches.
by haewood Jablowmeeberg July 07, 2009
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A question asked, usually rhetorically, after someone has finished talking/shouting at you about something they are very passionate about. It is used to show that you are bored of the topic and that you don't care about it. Can be used to try to calm a situation down. Either that or it is said out of frustration or annoyance or sheer incredulity. The best thing about 'are you quite finished?' is that the person usually shuts up once it has been said.

An indirect form of mockery.
Person 1: ...and so it's just RIDICULOUS! *seethes*
You: Are you quite finished? -_-


Person 1: ...and I love it SO MUCH!! :D :D :D

You: Are you quite finished?
by tirocno February 11, 2011
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