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A question to revive any group chat. Any wars that happen after are your own responsibility.
"Are traps gay?"
I disagree
*instant war*
by saltybitch69420666 October 16, 2019
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Yes they are.
Are traps gay?
No, they are straighter than your pp.
by Katsuragi-chan November 2, 2018
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They are gay
boii traps are gay
by Gay trap January 8, 2018
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traps are gay
you. "hay man traps are gay"
them. "they are oh shit"
by reuko January 30, 2018
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A trap set with the intent of getting a heterosexual to admit obscure knowledge that a homosexual would/should definitely know.
Trapper: "You're as annoying as that right-winged nut who is a host on The View"
Trappee: Elizabeth Hasslebeck?
Trapper: GAY TRAP!

Trapper: "I could really go for one a drink with Peach schnapps in it"
Trappee: How about a Sex on the Beach?
Trapper: GAY TRAP!
by mayormccheez March 27, 2010
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getting a dude to use a gay word in a sentence
hay frank what color is that dudes shirt, its not red or pink, frank answers its fuschia, resopnse GAY TRAP
by Shaft out March 13, 2010
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Yelled out when someone says or does something that could be considered gay. This can be set up to catch someone out.
Girl: Does anyone know when Justin Bieber's birthday is?
Guy: 1st of march
Other Guy: Gay Trap!!
by SAIRS December 2, 2010
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