A patronising way of saying 'are you jealous?'
Guy 1: I totally had the sex last night.

Guy 2: I don't care..

Guy1: Aw, are you jelly?
by I AM NOT LEWIN THOMAS October 16, 2010
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Similar to You mad, instead of being mad the person is jealous.
Guy1: Hey fucker, you stole my girl!

Guy2: You jelly?

Girl: lol! He's so jelly.
by Bromanski August 2, 2010
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You Jelly? Is a statement used to rhetorically say you jealous? You can also make a comeback on this by saying:"No, I'm jam. This is mostly used by Gamers, and nerds. (Yes there is a difference) Meant to be used on an angry or raging n00b.
Ex: I just bought a keg of beer, you jelly? Ex: Someone is driving a Dodge Charger with hydraulics, headlights, and underglow. This would be a time to say you jelly? if you were driving. Ex: I got my license. You jelly? No, I'm jam. Ex: I just burned down your house and took all your food! You jelly?
by JewishTowelie June 28, 2012
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something you say when saying bye
"cya, love you lotties like jelly totties"
"bye lulljt"
by alybby July 27, 2006
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