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A question that asks if a society or group is going to join the modern era (A.D.) with technology and advanced ethics or if they are going to live in the Bronze Dark Ages (B.C.) with immoral values such as stoning people to death. A choice between embracing the modern world fully rather than keeping one hand on advanced technology while being barbaric with the other hand. The choice to advance all aspects of a society rather than just the military. Modernization of only some aspects of a society doesn't mix with keeping backwards with the rest, as it just doesn't work.
"It comes down to this Iran, you have a choice to make. do you want the world to be comfortable with you having nuclear weapons or are you going to keep stoning people? Are you gonna go A.D., or are you sticking with B.C.? Cause you're not allowed to be that modern and that primitive at the same time! You have to choose, they don't work together. It's the reason you never see anyone riding a Segway with Fred Flintstone Wheels."- Jon Stewart, The Daily Show, 8th September 2010.
by pwvl September 14, 2010
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